Round Britain Rally in Photos  -  21-23 July 2011
Tom Brearley and Ray Bowden in Thruster TST G-MTNU


The start of the Rally was at Preston Capes, a farm strip near Coventry

A mechanical dragonfly

Kirk Sutton and his Medway Raven

Organiser 'Big' John Moore

Thruster line up: Sean Dougan's red T300 next to our blue TST

Film crew interviewing pilots (working title 'Propellerheads')

Willy Knowles finishes rigging his yellow TST

Willy and 'Propellerhead' author Antony Woodward ready to depart

Thruster climb out

After getting under way, we found low cloud on our first leg to Halfpenny Green, just west of Birmingham

But we made it through the Manchester low-level corridor before landing at Ince

Heading north to Cark, with a clearance through RAF Warton's zone (Typhoons on the ground)

If that's Paris we're lost (might be Blackpool)

Poor weather over the Lake District forced a change of plan...

... around the coast to avoid the hills

Ray concentrating

Passing through some light rain (Rally-issue GPS logger on the dash)

Mouth of the Esk at Ravenglass

Evening sun on the Solway Firth

In sight of Scotland - Day One ended for us at Kirkbride

After night in a B&B in Carlisle, a broken exhaust spring delayed us slightly on the morning of Day 2

But we soon cleared the Pennines, refueled at Peterlee and were heading down the East Coast with a nice tailwind

Scarborough castle

Filey holiday camp (we photographed most of the turnpoints just in case the GPS logger failed)

After stops at Beverley and Fenland we were into East Anglia (Cromer lighthouse turnpoint)

Nice evening over Norfolk

Overtaken by Richard Meredith-Hardy in G-SEEE en route to Priory Farm, near Norwich

Day 3 - Ray looking forward to another 5 hours in a draughty Thruster!

Taking off from Priory Farm

Setting course into the strong northerly

Thrusters and CFM Shadow G-ENEE at Fenland (a magnet for competitors as it was worth double points between 9.30 - 11.30!)

Ray has a chat with Antony 'Propellerhead' Woodward and shares our chips

Heading back towards Preston Capes via Enstone

Bonus points were available for returning to the Preston Capes overhead within a pre-allocated one minute time slot (Geoff Weighell was counting them in)

Rupert Gladstone crossing the line

Taxiing in (photo by David Dougan)

Kirk Sutton coming in to land

Everyone safely home

On a nice evening

Including us



Brearley/Bowden stats --
Competitor no: 5
Airfields: Halfpenny Green - Ince - Cark - Kirkbride (O/N) - Peterlee - Beverley - Fenland - Cromer - Priory Farm (O/N) - Fenland - Enstone - Preston Capes
Start: 0908 21/7/11
Finish: 1608 23/7/11
Miles flown: 711nm
Hours flown: 18h25m
Fuel used: Loads
Points: 1,989
Placing: 10th in non-GPS class

Screengrab for the BBC2 film featuring the Rally which aired on 23 January 2012
(Don't believe the hype)

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