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Devon & Somerset Microlight Club is a not-for-profit club for microlight pilots. We organise fly-outs and a club barbeque in the summer months and, while we don't stop flying in the winter, much aviation is of the mental, pub-based variety as the days grow shorter. The club provides a means for pilots to get together, share information and benefit from being part of a community. Several of us fly from Dunkeswell Airfield, on the border of Devon and Somerset, but many members are based at smaller airstrips around the area. 

Annual membership includes fly-out events throughout the year and the club BBQ every summer. In the winter, club nights offer the chance to meet up, talk about flying and perhaps learn something new from a speaker.

As a member benefit club kit is available on free loan. (Charge applies otherwise.)

If you are interested in booking a trial flight or microlight lessons, please contact our flying instructor member, Jim Greenshields. Jim is Chief Flying Instructor of Somerset Microlights (www.somerset-microlights.com) and will be very happy to assist.

We also have a reciprocal arrangement with our friends at the LAA Devon Strut allowing members of the club to attend Strut events free of charge (apart from landing fees and other 3rd party payments).

Devon & Somerset Microlight Club is recognised by the British Microlight Aircraft Association.


Membership costs just 15 per year (April to April - those joining mid-term can deduct 1.25 per lapsed month).

Please send a completed membership form  to the Membership Secretary (details below) with your subscription.


Club Kit

The Club owns two lifejackets, a Personal Locator Beacon (and a marquee party tent!). Details of how members can brrow these items for free can be found here.

Knowledge Pool

In order to share the skills, expertise and experience that exists in the club, an informal list of DSMC people is set out below indicating an area of expertise which they would be happy to help other members with. (But remember, professional advice remains the only acceptable source for core flying skills or for student pilots - i.e. from the CFI).

Jim Greenshields
jimgreenshields (at) gmail.com
Piloting skills (Chief Flying Instructor Somerset Microlights)
Bernard Bader
bernard.bader (at) bt.com
(BMAA Inspector, Conair Rotax Heavy Maintenance trained)
Tom Brearley
tom_brearley (at) yahoo.co.uk
Map based navigation (Experienced tourer, Round Britain competitor, France etc)
Steph Tomes
stephtomes00 (at) hotmail.com
Touring UK
(Experienced tourer, Scotland, Orkneys, Scillies etc)


2018 - 19

Chris Parsons

Tom Brearley

Chris Parsons
parsons.cj (at) gmail.com
01392 278 549
07966 754 528

Tom Brearley 
Secretary and Web 
07789 430959
tom_brearley (at) yahoo.co.uk

Nick Tomes
Nick Tomes
01626 854185 / 07775 896965
stpauls.dentalpractice (at) virgin.net

Pete Readings
Membership Secretary and Comms
07789 075210
peter_readings (at) hotmail.com

Jon Pozniak

Jim Greenshields
Jon Pozniak
Equipment Officer / Safety Officer
jon (at) postco.co.uk

Jim Greenshields
Safety Officer
01404 891880
jimgreenshields (at) googlemail.com

NB: Email addresses have been altered to deter 'Spambots' (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spambot). Please substitute @ for (at) and delete the spaces either side


Devon & Somerset Microlight Club was formed in 1985 by Jim Greenshields and two other intrepid fellow flyers. This was in the early days of microlight flying and back then the Club operated from the disused airfield at Smeatharpe, before moving to a patch of land just to the south of the airfield. Somewhere along the way the Club's founder become a qualified instructor and examiner, forming a separate enterprise, Somerset Microlights, which now uniquely resides in Devon!

The Club followed the newly-formed training school to the Taunton Showground before finally establishing itself at Dunkeswell aerodrome. Meeting minutes from the Club's early days reveal an occasional uneasy existence alongside those who don’t understand why people must fly and also shows every effort was taken to meet the needs of the “neighbours”. 


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Devon & Somerset Microlight Club
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Flying School: enquiry@somerset-microlights.com